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Decorative Goods

The decorative goods recovered from the “Blue China” cargo includes glassware – lamp parts, a figural cologne bottle, and a single salt cellar – products of the budding American glass industry that just 50 years prior was still in its infancy.  A few of the glass items can be attributed to the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company of Massachusetts, one of the more successful glass firms established in the early 19th century. 

Also included among the decorative goods are Porcelain ginger jars of Canton, Chinese origins, distinctive among the largely British Staffordshire-produced pottery that dominated the wreck site.  While these few decorative glass and ceramics pieces were recovered in limited or individual quantities, they likely represent the remains of a much larger cargo. Importantly, these few items provide a rare look at the diverse make-up of a coastal trading vessel treading the waters off the Eastern Seaboard during this critical time in America’s burgeoning maritime commerce. While none of the items are overly elaborate, they were nonetheless representative of the functional wares available to the mid-19th century consumer, designed to adorn and enhance the homes of the middle class American family.