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Ship Elements

A relatively low volume of metallic and miscellaneous artifacts of different types and compositions were observed and recovered on the “Blue China” wreck site, including ship’s fittings, navigation equipment, and raw materials such as lead ingots. The limited navigational equipment on the northern surface of the site at the stern included two disc-shaped lidded bronze containers found within the legs of a concreted tripod, presumably used for surveying or astronomy. One remains sealed, while opening of the second example during conservation verified that both artifacts are hand-held compasses.

Within the center of the legs of the same tripod, a cupreous single-draw refracting telescope was also recovered. Located at the northern, stern end of the ship’s remains in the vicinity of the former main cabin, this object would have most likely belonged to the captain. Other elements of possible use aboard the ship include the remains of the front plaque from a Morton & Bremner spring scale, suggesting usage for weighing grocery or other cargo upon receipt or delivery. Also counted among the ship’s domestic inventory were individual stoneware jugs and a jar used for holding a variety of beverages and other goods, quite likely intended for use and consumption by the vessel’s crew.