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Bronze/Brass Bearing

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Artifact Description

The structural finds recovered from the Jacksonville "Blue China" wreck site include a bronze/brass bearing composed of wood and cupreous metal that appears to have once been inserted within a wooden plank. A 4.2cm-wide and 0.9cm Th. central cupreous ring with six cylindrical bearings at its center, each 1.2cm wide, is pierced latitudinally with three circular holes, 0.24cm wide. To the outer ring edge into which the bearings are recessed is attached a second ring, Diam. 5.8cm, Th. 0.6cm. Along the artifact’s outer edge is a section wood, Th. 2.1cm, which displays scour marks from friction on both sides. The wood’s outer edge is riddled with worm holes and sections of calcerous marine borer shells.



Other Details

L. 10.8 x 9.9cm