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Artifact Description

The limited metallic navigational equipment on the northern surface of the wreck site at the stern included two disc-shaped lidded bronze containers. One remains sealed, while opening of the second example during conservation verified that both artifacts are hand-held compasses. BC-05-00020-ML is a circular cupreous housing composed of a flat lid with a screw thread that connects the object to its base, which features a convex underside. Within is a compass with a central glass mount and a north crosshair at center (lid H. 0.55cm, Diam. 4.0cm, Th. 0.12cm; base H. 1.1cm, Diam. 3.6cm, glass compass Diam. 3.05cm, north crosshair Diam. 0.6cm; weight 34gr). BC-05-00208-UN is a sealed compass (total H. 1.5cm, lid Diam. 4.0cm, base Diam. 3.7cm. base slightly convex with two concentric circles incised onto it and a central aperture 0.2mm Diam., weight 36gr).


Other Details

D. 4.0cm