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Door Lock Plate

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Artifact Description

The excavation of the SS Republic yielded over 950 pieces of widely assorted hardware including lead spigots in four different sizes, likely intended for use with wooden barrels or kegs, brown and white porcelain doorknobs, door hinges, brass or pewter keys, file rasps, and over two hundred individual spoons plus additional concretions comprised of spoons stacked together in a single mass.

Also counted among the hardware items shipped as as cargo were a dozen brass or pewter lock plates intended for use with doors or perhaps cabinetry, wardrobes or cupboards. Although the wooden packing crates have long since eroded away, other hardware items recovered from the wreck site retain the remains of wax paper, suggesting the materials used for shipping such goods. Like the other hardware consignment aboard the
Republic, these items were also presumably intended for a New Orleans hardware merchant hoping to rebuild a former trade or launch a new business. It is also possible the supplies were bound for further trans-shipment up the Mississippi River to the towns and trading posts of the Western Frontier.

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