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Female Figurine - Costumed

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Artifact Description

The excavation of the SS Republic yielded four individual porcelain figurines, each representing a different character and theme. Likely of French origin, the pieces are perhaps the product of one of the many 19th-century Limoges porcelain factories mass producing relatively inexpensive wares for the American market. Of the four figures, one depicts a costumed female figure in the "neo-rococo style", a motif popular in the 19th century with its renewed interest in historical art themes. Her head covered, the young lady carries a basket at waist level, suggesting she is en route to the market. The figurine bears no remnants of pigment or paint.

The only such example recovered from the wreck site, this singular porcelain was perhaps the remains of a larger porcelain shipment or perhaps had been a personal treasure carried in the baggage of a passenger or crew aboard the vessel.

Other Details

H: 10.3cm

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