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Female Figurine Neo Rococo Style

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Artifact Description

The excavation of the SS Republic yielded four individual porcelain figurines, each representing a different character and theme. Likely of French origin, the figures are perhaps the product of one of the many 19th-century Limoges porcelain factories mass producing relatively inexpensive wares for the American market. Two of the figures, a man and his female counterpart, both without pigment or paint, were found in close proximity on the wreck site, and were clearly intended to be a matching pair. Their seemingly playful gestures and courtly attire are reminiscent of the 18th-century rococo style which placed an emphasis on portraying the carefree life of the aristocracy. Love and romance were common themes, marked by free and graceful movement. This elegant porcelain couple would have been admired by ladies of the era and presented in their homes on fireplace mantels or tea tables. The only such examples recovered from the site, the pair may have been a personal treasure carried in the baggage of a passenger or crew aboard the vessel.

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Other Details

H: 12.4cm

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