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Sextant Sunshield Fragments

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Artifact Description

One fragment of a sextant sun shield was recovered from the Jacksonville "Blue China" wreck site. The piece is composed of three cupreous square frame holders attached to a hinge, one now broken off. Embedded in each these holders is one green-colored glass, blue, and red lens that enabled them to operate as filters individually or in combination. The sextant navigational instrument was invented by John Hadley in 1731, originally as an octant with an arc of 1/8th of a circle, which was enlarged by Captain Campbell in 1757 to 1/6th The objects dimensions are: total artifact L. 6.8cm, rectangular frames 3.36 x 3.34cm, Th. 0.30cm, with a central circular aperture Diam. 2.9cm, hinge L. 2.4cm, hinge Th. 0.5 leading to a round rivet 0.67cm Diam. with a central pin 0.34cm wide, circular glass lenses Diam. 2.8cm, Th. 0.18cm. Like the telescope above, the sun shield was identified in the stern section of the wreck on the northeast edge of the large keg K6.

Other Details

L. 6.8cm