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Thimble Rings

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Artifact Description

The varied ship's fittings recovered from the Jacksonville "Blue China" wreck site included three cupreous thimble rings which probably served to reinforce the ship’s rigging, mooring lines or the corners of sails. Included is one example associated with a well preserved section of rope and canvas. Their measurements are: BC-05-00354-CO, external Diam. 9.0cm, internal Diam. 6.3cm, W. 2.9cm, Th. 0.41cm, weight 294gr; BC-05-00008-CO, external Diam. 8.2cm, internal Diam. 5.8cm, W. 2.7cm, Th. 0.33cm, weight 222gr; BC-05-00209-CO, with fibrous strands of rope/canvas still attached to the outer edge, total artifact Diam. 10.3 x 9.2cm, external thimble Diam. 7.6cm, internal Diam. 5.4cm, rope/canvas Th. 1.7cm, W. 3.0cm, Th. 0.47cm, weight 236gr.


Other Details

D. 7.6-9.0cm